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King's Cave, (Fionn's Cave) Isle of Arran

King's Cave, Isle of Arran, ScotlandMore photos

The cave at Drumadoon, that is now called King's Cave, was in earlier times called Fionn's cave, and identified with the legendary character Fionn.

Robert the Bruce spent some time on Arran, probably at Whiting Bay, when the English were looking for him. He is said to have met a woman "with second sight" who predicted that he would eventually free Scotland from the English.

Legend has it that he hid in the Fionn's Cave, until he was ready to return to the mainland. In reality, it is thought that he probably never lived in the cave

There are several Viking carvings on the central pillar. One is thought to be of a man holding what appears to be a bow above his head. Another is possibly a figure holding either a 2-handed sword or a cross. If it was a cross the cave may have been used for religious purposes. There is also the image of a horse.

The cliffs around the cave, as also for all the cliffs of Arran, formed during the last cold phase of the Ice Age, 10,000 years ago. This sea cave formed when the sea level was higher than now, 6,000 years ago.

The cave has been occasionally occupied since ancient times, there are ancient carvings on the walls, Pictish symbols and early Christian religious images.


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