Australia: The Land Where Time Began

A biography of the Australian continent 

Links for Ewan

Bird Respiratory System

Lungs and air sacs

An animated guide to breathing

Avian respiration

Researchers reveal true scale of megalodon shark for first time

Terrifying image of a ‘winged tarantula’ freaks out social media – can you guess what it really is

NASA: Water and ice discovered on the moon’s Clavius Crater ahead of Artemis program return


Ant Identification Guide

29 Common Garden Pests in Australia and How to Get Rid of Them

11 Pictures of Common Bug Bites and How to Identify Their Symptoms

What bug is that?

15 common bugs in your backyard that will freak you out

Aus Wildlife

Australian hornets

Watch an Amazing Time-Lapse of Growing Mushrooms

Amazing Scanning Electron Microscope pictures of insects and spiders

head ant soldier cast

body parts of an ant

species of Australian ants

species of australian ants soldier cast

How do batteries power our phones, computers and other devices?

Types of batteries

Our absolute best battery friend these days is the lithium-ion battery

Batteries of the future


Journey to the edge of the Universe the Edge

What is a black hole?

Black holes, explained

Back Holes

Edge of the Universe

The Big Bang

What is a galaxy

cosmos - Big Bang

A Journey to the End of the Universe

Pluto: Back from the dead


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