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Deposits Containing Amphibian Fossils

Hawkesbury Sandstone, Middle Triassic, Brookvale near Sydney
Drummond Basin - Early Carboniferous
Glenidal Formation, Clematis Group, near Moolayember Dip, northeastern side of Carnarvon Range, Lower Triassic
Narrabeen Group, Railway ballast quarry, near Gosford, New South Wales, Lower Triassic
Narrabeen Group, Sydney area, New South Wales, Middle Triassic
Hawkesbury Sandstone, Brookvale, Sydney area, New South Wales, Middle Triassic
Winnamatta Group, Brick Pit, St. Peters, Sydney, New South Wales, Middle Triassic
Ashfield Shale, Winamatta Group, Hurstville Brick Company quarry at Mortdale, Sydney area, New South Wales, Upper Triassic
Somersby, Hawkesbury Sandstone, Middle Triassic
Parkes, New South Wales
Silverband Formation, Grampians Group - Early Devonian
Cluan Formation, Poatina Road near Launceston, Lower Triassic 
Knocklofty Formation, Old Beach Site on the Derwent River about 3 km north of Hobart, Tasmania, Lower Triassic
Knocklofty Formation, Midway Point & Cunningham localities near Hobart, Lower Triassic
Blina Shale in Erskine ranges about 90 km east of Derby Western Australia, Lower Triassic
Kockatea Shale at the Bore Hole near Geraldton, Western Australia, Lower Triassic
Leigh Creek, South Australia - Late Triassic
Rewan Group, Queensland - Early Triassic
Arcadia Sandstone, Rewan Group, near headwaters of Duckworth Creek, southwest of  Bluff in south-central Queensland, Lower Triassic See
Kolane Station, Westgrove Ironstone Member of the Evergreen formation, south central Queensland, Uppermost Early Jurassic
Duckworth Creek, the Arcadia Formation, Rewan Group, NW of Rolleston, south central Queensland, Lower Triassic
The Crater, the Arcadia Formation, Rewan Group, 72 km SW of Rolleston, south central Queensland, Lower Triassic

  • Evergreen Formation of Queensland - Late Jurassic
  • Strzelecki Formation of Victoria - Early Cretaceous
  • Wianamatta Group of NSW - Middle Triassic
  • Knocklofty Formation

This formation is composed mainly of overbank-floodplain deposits cut by higher energy channels containing coarse conglomerates. As well as the labyrinthodonts from this site is the lungfish ceratodus, ray-finned fish, and Tasmaniosaurus, a proterosuchian reptile.

Blina Shale

These deposits are estuarine, deltaic or marine, containing labyrinthodonts, lungfish and actinopterygians.

Kockatea Shale, WA

These are estuarine deposits, deltaic or marine, and contain labyrinthodonts and fish and marine invertebrates.

Leigh Creek, Late Triassic of South Australia

This site has finally revealed a labyrinthodont. Fish were also present.

Some Interesting Fossil Finds From the Non-Marine Permian and Triassic Sequences in Northern Tasmania, Australia

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Author: M. H. Monroe
Last updated  15/12/2013

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