Australia: The Land Where Time Began

A biography of the Australian continent 


  1. Black Holes
  2. Black Hole Collision
  3. Dark Nebulae
  4. Entropic corrected Newton’s law of gravitation and the loop quantum black hole gravitational atom
  5. Fast Radio Burst Host Galaxy
  6. Gamma-Ray Bursts and Variation in the Speed of Light
  7. Gravitational Lensing by Spinning Black Holes in Astrophysics, and the Movie Interstellar
  8. Hysteresis in the Sky
  9. Interstellar medium
  10. Light Speed and the speed variation Arising from the Effects of Quantum Gravity
  11. Magnetic Monopoles in Field Theory and cosmology
  12. Massive Neutrino Experiment Undermines Our Sense of Reality
  13. Molecular clouds
  14. Neutrino Oscillations – Violation of the Leggett-Garg Inequality
  15. Reflection Nebulae
  16. Primordial Black Holes – Observational Characteristics of the Final Evaporation
  17. Protostars




  1. MCAT tutorials -Leah4sci
  2. Naming esters - organic chemistry IUCAP by Leah4sci
  3. Carboxylic acids naming and reactions: neutralisation, esterification and amidisation
  4. Lec 1 introduction to chemistry & quantum chemical methods
  5. Ester naming tutorial
  6. Fundamentals of biochemistry
  7. Quantum chemistry - Part 1
  8. Quantum chemistry - Part 2
  9. Quantum chemistry introduction
  10. Video lecture: Introduction to biochemistry
  11. Fischer esterification mechanism
  12. Preparation of esters by Fischer esterification
  13. Chemistry 107. inorganic chemistry lecture 01
  14. Inorganic chemistry
  15. General Chemistry 1A: Lecture 01. Introduction to general chemistry.
  16. Physical chemistry - introduction
  17. Quantum chemistry - blackbody radiation
  18. Quantum Chemistry - photoelectric effect
  19. A newly made RNA strand bolsters ideas about how life on Earth Began
  20. Genetic code is more diverse than we think


Particle physics

  1. A crash course in particle physics - pt. 1 of 2
  2. A crash course in particle physics pt. 2 of 2
  3. Professor Brian Cox lecture on the universe
  4. Brian Cox particle physics lecture at CERN
  5. Brian Cox particle physics lecture at CERN - master of science (documentary)
  6. Brian Cox lecture on the universe
  7. Universe documentary #1: Destiny - Brian Cox Documentary
  8. Universe documentary #2: Stardust - Brian Cox documentary
  9. Universe documentary #3: Falling - Brian Cox Documentary
  10. Universe documentary #4: Messengers - Brian Cox Documentary
  11. Richard Feynman's story of particle physics
  12. Leonard Susskind - all Stanford's physics lectures in order
  13. Lecture 1- new revolutions in particle physics: basic concepts
  14. Lecture 2 - new revolutions in particle physics: basic concepts
  15. Lecture 3 - new revolutions in particle physics: basic concepts
  16. Entanglement and complexity: gravity and quantum mechanics
  17. Why is time a one-way street?
  18. Is free will and illusion? What can cognitive science tell us?
  19. Leonard Susskind on the world as a hologram
  20. Leonard Susskind- lecture 2 - black holes and the holographic principle
  21. Universe shouldn't exist, CERN physicists conclude
  22. Neutrino experiments could rewrite Standard Model of Physics - Futurity


  1. Jupiter compared to Earth
  2. Messier 19 (M19) – The NGC 6273 Globular Cluster
  3. Pluto flyby turns 1! New Horizons mission celebrations anniversary  
  4. Sun makes nervous face with hole in its head  
  5. Juno spacecraft captures first photo from Jupiter orbit
  6. Triple star system planet is directly imaged - that's rare
  7. Dwarf planet discovered far beyond Pluto's orbit
  8. Lost Japanese spacecraft shares groundbreaking view of galaxy group
  9. In cosmic first, Scientists spy a star's snow line
  10. What's the big deal about the pentaquark?
  11. LHC physicists discover 5-quark particle
  12. CERN's LHCb experiment reports of exotic pentaquark particles
  13. Forsaken pentaquark particle spotted at CERN
  14. Greatest mysteries: what causes gravity?
  15. A 5th force: fact or fiction?
  16. Quantum computer could simulate beginnings of the Universe
  17. Why does outer space look black?
  18. Hubble captures the beating heart of the Crab Nebula
  19. Hubble captures vivid auroras in Jupiter's atmosphere
  20. Hubble reveals stellar fireworks in 'skyrocket' galaxy
  21. Do gravity waves cause tiny earthquakes?
  22. Gamma ray bursts, gravity waves and earthquakes
  23. Gravitational lensing by spinning black holes in astrophysics, and in the movie Interstellar
  24. Gorgeous 'twilight zone' of Pluto may show cloud for the first time
  25. Stolen world: 'planet 9' likely came from another star
  26. Spinning comets can tear themselves apart: only to be reborn
  27. What are quark stars?
  28. Messier 20 (M20) - the Trifid Nebula
  29. 2 nearby potentially habitable planets are rocky worlds
  30. What is the biggest thing in the universe?
  31. Mysterious baby star throws a tantrum...alone
  32. Whip it good! Star's radiation beam sparks cosmic light show
  33. Jupiter's great red spot is also red hot, study shows
  34. Will the Great Attractor destroy us?
  35. Laniakea: Our home supercluster
  36. Why I love neutrinos
  37. Large hadron collider prepares to deliver 6 times the data
  38. 5 fascinating facts about DUNE
  39. Bump watch - 2016
  40. Fermilab scientists discover new 4-flavour particle
  41. Jupiter's Moons' orbital dance - humans have never seen this
  42. Pluto may harbour a liquid ocean
  43. Sleeping black hole awakens to devour doomed star
  44. Phobos: facts about the doomed Martian moon
  45. Commotion in Saturn's rings: new photo reveals in-stain smudge
  46. Measure for measure: quantum physics and reality
  47. Quantum theory: the full documentary HD
  48. Quantum mechanics explained in 60 seconds by Brian Cox
  49. Quantum mechanics for dummies
  50. Quantum theory made easy
  51. Nat Geo's 'Mars" series takes viewers on journey to red planet
  52. The biggest mysteries of Neptune
  53. Rare newborn planet may be the youngest ever detected
  54. Jupiter's shadow turns Io's atmosphere to frost once every 42 hours
  55. The cosmos may have rebounded from an earlier contraction and "big crunch" into a "big bang" that started it all over again
  56. Is the Earth safe from the asteroid Bennu?
  57. The closest supernova since 1604 is hissing at us
  58. Did we arrive early to the Universe's life party?
  59. How fast does Venus rotate?
  60. What does the Universe do when we're not looking?
  61. Dark energy illuminated by largest galactic map 10 years in the making
  62. Why is Uranus on its side?
  63. Titan: facts about Saturn's largest moon
  64. Meteorite minerals reveal unexpected collisions in the early solar system
  65. HIRISE drops 1,000 new Mars images for for you viewing pleasure
  66. Where is the earth in the Milky Way?
  67. How does the Earth move?
  68. A planet with a 27,000 year orbit, and that's just where the strangeness begins
  69. How fast can stars spin?
  70. Indications of early forming 'direct collapse' black hole seen
  71. How much of the universe is in black holes?
  72. Never a star: Indications of early forming 'direct collapse' black hole seen
  73. Never a star: did supermassive black hole form directly?
  74. Mysterious 'dark hydrogen' may lurk within giant planets
  75. The universe's first galaxies may light up it dark ages
  76. What is the electron cloud model?
  77. When will the Earth lock to the Moon?
  78. Why do planets have rings?
  79. Where is the closest black hole?
  80. Messier 9 (M8) - the Lagoon Nebula
  81. How do we terraform Mars
  82. How do we terraform Venus
  83. How dense are the Planets?
  84. What are the different kinds of supernovae?
  85. Was the Big bang just a black hole?
  86. What are alien megastructures?
  87. How long is a year on the other planets?
  88. What are the diameters of the planets?
  89. What are the different masses of the planets?
  90. Are there antimatter galaxies?
  91. What are virtual particles?
  92. How far can you travel?
  93. Quantum computer makes first high-energy physics simulation
  94. What if the Earth stopped orbiting the Sun?
  95. What are magnetars?
  96. Dark matter candidate 'sterile neutrino' particle still a mystery
  97. Saturn moon Titan's deep liquid-filled canyons spied from above
  98. Neutron stars unite to form pencil-thin radiation beams
  99. Star cluster 'family photos' can provide deep inside
  100. Methanol, a building block of life, found a newborn star for first time
  101. What is light?
  102. The black hole that outgrew its galaxy
  103. How many moons are in the solar system?
  104. X marks the spot at the centre of the Milky Way galaxy, indicates NASA's WISE mission
  105. Quantum computing: moth ball chemical naphthalene helps technology work at room temperature
  106. Earth-like planet around Promixa Centauri discovered
  107. How close can moons orbit?
  108. Did cirrus clouds help keep early Mars warm and wet?
  109. Will our black hole eat the Milky Way?
  110. Saturn goes psychedelic in crazy, colourful infrared photo
  111. Vibrant star cluster sparkles in Sagittarius Constellation
  112. Jupiter-sized planet is the largest found yet orbiting 2 stars
  113. Amazing photo shows likely alien planet 1,200 light years ago
  114. 'Mysterious object' may be first extinct meteorite
  115. 'Twisty molecule" essential to life spotted in space for first time
  116. Mercury crosses the Sun in stunning high resolution
  117. Beyond Neptune, a chunk of ice is orbiting in the wrong direction
  118. NASA probe glimpses supercharged radiation Belts
  119. Physicists maybe, just maybe, confirm possible 5th force of nature
  120. Cooking up life in the cosmic kitchen
  121. A History Of Violence: Iron Found in Fossils Suggests Supernova Role In Mass Dying
  122. ESO Announcement to address reports of Promixa centauri exoplanet exoplane
  123.  What does "Earthlike" even mean and should it apply to Alpha centaur1 B?
  124.  Earthlike planet discovered around Promixa centauri
  125. Shields up, Mr Sulu, cruising at 20 % of the speed of light can have inherent risks
  126. Mistaken identity: Supernova thought to be witnessed 386 CE would have been too faint
  127. Vast space voids help fill in the blanks of cosmic mysteries
  128. Could Promixa Centauri be our interstellar gateway?
  129. Supernova ashes found in fossils hint at extinction event
  130. Life's first handshake: chiral molecule detected in interstellar apace
  131. Scientists toast the discovery of vinyl alcohol in interstellar space
  132. Big kid: massive star spotted early in life
  133. Stellar 'time bomb' proves crime doesn't pay
  134. Distant moons of Saturn look neighbourly in new Cassini image
  135. What is astrophysics?
  136. Dark radiation may be causing the universe to expand faster than expected
  137. planet's stormy weather has deep roots
  138. Gravitational waves: scientists detect second 'fantastically significant' signal
  139. Dim nearby galaxy is nearly 100% dark matter
  140. What if scientists found life on closest alien planet Proxima B?
  141. Who else is looking for cool worlds around Proxima Centauri? 
  142. Aliens? "Strong" signal detected from Sun-like star being verified by SETI
  143. 6 million years ago the Milky Way's supermassive black hole raged
  144. Planet 9 search turning up wealth of new objects
  145. Dark matter: Hot or Not?
  146. Philae comet lander wakes up and phones home
  147. Uranus and Neptune may keep "Hitler's acid" stable under massive pressure
  148. Curiosity rover' proximity to possible water raises planetary protection concerns
  149. Curiosity rover captures full-circle panorama of enticing 'Murray Butts' on Mars
  150. On the origin of Phobos' groovy mystery
  151. Sentinel-1A takes direct hit from millimetre size particle
  152. Going viral: why alien signals get everyone excited
  153. What is the largest desert on Earth?
  154. New Horizons spies Pluto's neighbour Quaoar
  155. What is the speed of light? 
  156. Turns out there is no actual looking up
  157. How cold are black holes?
  158. Juno captures Jupiter's enthralling poles from 2,500 miles
  159. Newly found ancient fossils found show possibilities for finding life on Mars
  160. Talk about a crowded neighborhood: closest binary stars with multiple planets found
  161. Scientists explain Pluto's red headed moon 
  162. Hubble captures the sharpest image of a disintegrating comet ever
  163. Spectacular panoramas from curiosity reveal layered Martian rock formations like America's southwest
  164. Have we really just seen the birth of a black hole?
  165. How high is space?
  166. Hubble images 3 debris discs around G-type stars
  167. What are the parts of the Sun?
  168. Messier 23 - the NGC 6494 open star cluster
  169. Stunning new images of Mars from Curiosity River
  170. The big dipper in the year 92,000
  171. Does our galaxy have a habitable zone
  172. Phenomenal new view of Ceres 'Lonely Mountain' reveals signs of volcanic activity
  173. Stellar ghosts: understanding our origins
  174. Hubble's surprising find on Europa to be announced by NANA on Monday
  175. Quantum computing: scientists stop light in a cloud of atoms
  176. Scenario for plasma ejections from V Hydrae
  177. 'Alien megastructure' keeps getting stranger
  178. Hubble detects giant 'cannonballs' shooting from star
  179. NASA's Hubble spots possible water plumes erupting from Jupiter's moon Europa
  180. X-rays are coming from the dark side of Venus
  181. How do supernovae fail?
  182. Perfect lineup of satellites finds 'missing link' in aurora mystery
  183. Major dust storm could soon hit Mars
  184. New dwarf planet found in our solar system
  185. Eyeballing Proxima b: Probably not a second Earth
  186. Saturn's moon Dione probably has a buried ocean as well
  187. Great, mysterious balls of fire speed by dying star
  188. Record-breaking 2-star system spotted in nearby galaxy
  189. Surprise! 3 planet-forming disks spotted around young double star
  190. Solar electric propulsion upgrades wanted for deep space mission
  191. Teleportation of light particles across cities in China and Canada a 'technological breakthrough'
  192. Starving black hole at the heart of the mysteriously dimming of Markarian 1018 galaxy
  193. How Pluto's moon Charon got its red cap
  194. An exoplanet with huge rings intrigues
  195. Gamma-ray binary star system found in another galaxy for the first time
  196. What is a magnetic field?
  197. What are molecules?
  198. For the love of physics
  199. Einstein's relativistic train in a tunnel paradox: special relativity
  200. Extraordinary documentary - inside Einstein's mind the enigma of space and time - BBC documentary
  201. New particle may hide in old atom smasher data
  202. Mysterious 'dark energy' may not exist, study claims
  203. Surprise! cold gas 'halos' found around brightest objects in the Universe
  204. Mysterious star pulses may be alien signals, study claims
  205. Why half of Pluto's 'heart' has a new name
  206. Our galactic arm may have a longer reach than we thought
  207. A death star's ghostly glow
  208. How many planets are there in the Galaxy?
  209. Seasonal change on Titan is a dynamic business
  210. Planets around stars like Proxima Centauri are probably Earth-sized water worlds
  211. What is the Martian curse?
  212. The search is on for alien signals around Tabby's star
  213. What's the most stable shape for an interstellar lightsail?
  214. If it wasn't already strange enough, now Saturn's hexagon storm is changing colour
  215. Messier 25 - The IC 4725 Open Cluster
  216. Pure metal asteroid has mysterious water deposits
  217. Curiosity finds a melted space metal meteorite on the surface of Mars
  218. When was the first light in the Universe
  219. A new model to improve gravity models
  220. Pluto's wandering heart hints at a subsurface ocean
  221. Electronic E.T. : Intelligent aliens are likely machines
  222. Radio burst hits Earth from a billion light years away
  223. Twisters pop up in weird 'big bang' soup
  224. 'Impossible' space engine might actually work, study suggests
  225. Hidden clusters of galaxies may be moving the Milky Way
  226. Pluto's heavy 'heart' may have moved its poles
  227. Bremsstrahlung radiation
  228. An introduction to the electronic structure of atoms and molecules
  229. Quantum mechanical and chemical bonding
  230. Quantum theory - full documentary HD
  231. Quantum theory made easy [1]
  232. Quantum theory made easy [2]
  233. Quantum theory: it's unreal
  234. Atom: the illusion of reality - BBC documentary (Part 3)
  235. Quantum universe and entanglement science documentary
  236. Beyond beauty: the predictive power of symmetry
  237. The Universe: the other side of a black hole
  238. The best parallel universe documentary
  239. Naked science season 8 living in parallel universe
  240. Co-ordinate (dative covalent) bonding
  241. String theory part 1
  242. String theory part 2
  243. String theory part 3
  244. Hidden dimensions - exploring hyperspace
  245. Welcome to the 11th dimension
  246. What is dark matter? Space documentary
  247. Science documentary - Dark Matter and energy the invisible universe
  248. Mathematics explains the Universe - the full documentary 2016
  249. LHC smashes old collision records
  250. Hunting the nearly un-huntable
  251. Ancient space dust washes up in rooftop gutters
  252. Dark matter no so clumpy after all
  253. NASA's CYNGSS Hurricane-tracking satellites in pictures
  254. Galactic 'spiderweb' has unusual feeding habits
  255. 'Star in a jar' fusion reactor works and promises infinite energy
  256. LIGO doesn’t just detect gravitational waves. It makes them, too
  257. Hidden clusters of galaxies may be moving the milky way
  258. Monster meteorite found in Texas
  259. The more scientist learn about "Tabby's Star," the more mysterious object gets
  260. Telescope sets sights on Universe's first stars
  261. A supermassive black hole
  262. Topology yields miniaturisation breakthrough for quantum physics
  263. A galaxy as you've never seen it
  264. Boost for the odd of life- Jupitor moon Europa may have plate tectonics
  265. How big are superdense neutron stars, really
  266. A peculiar galactic clash -- ScienceDaily
  267. Chemical Abundances in the Leading Arm of the Magellanic Stream - IOPscience
  268. Hubble solves cosmic 'whodunit' with interstellar forensics -- ScienceDaily
  269. What interstellar visitor 'Oumuamua can teach us -- ScienceDaily
  270. Dark matter goes missing in oddball galaxy -- ScienceDaily
  271. A new kind of star: Together with gravity, the polarization of the quantum vacuum may allow stars to exist in unconventional configurations. -- ScienceDaily
  272. New ultrafast measurement technique shows how lasers start from chaos -- ScienceDaily
  273. Water's mysterious phase transitions -- ScienceDaily
  274. Beguiling dark-matter signal persists 20 years on
  275. Beyond the Higgs: What's Next for the LHC? - with Harry Cliff - YouTube
  276. Making sense of string theory | Brian Greene - YouTube
  277. Lecture 1 | String Theory and M-Theory - YouTube
  278. Newly found metallic exoplanet is a lot like Mercury - Futurity
  279. Super thin device is a step toward 'invisible' screens - Futurity
  280. Is there life adrift in the clouds of Venus? -- ScienceDaily
  281. Hubble Telescope Captures Cosmic 'Tug-of-War' Between Galaxies
  282. Cannonball-Like Exoplanet Is an Earth-Size Mercury
  283. NASA's Next Mars Lander Will Look Deep to Understand the Red Planet — and Earth
  284. Defying Theories, This Ghostly Galaxy Has Almost No Dark Matter
  285. Could Magnetic Sails Slow an Interstellar Spacecraft Enough? - Universe Today
  286. Messier 60 - the NGC 4649 Galaxy - Universe Today
  287. Caught on camera: the birth of a supernova | Cosmos
  288. Australia's Science Channel | We're living in the aftermath of a galactic tidal wave
  289. HubbleSite: News - Hubble Uncovers the Farthest Star Ever Seen
  290. Earth is sending oxygen to the moon




  1. Dragons and magical dirt: Legendary 'Great Flood' left real evidence
  2. Hidden fault could trigger a cataclysmic megaquake in Asia
  3. Massive 'lava lamp' blobs deep inside Earth have scientists puzzled
  4. How much of the ocean is whale pee (and worse)?
  5. What causes mysterious 'worldwide hum?'
  6. What is the Earth's mantle made of?
  7. Dying mangroves on Australian coast
  8. Mediterranean Sea may harbour piece of oldest ocean crust
  9. Siberia crater 'gateway to the underworld': melting permafrost a huge problem for the planet
  10. Life may have emerged not once, but many times on Earth
  11. What are the Lagrange points?
  12. Citizen scientists help crack 300 year old mystery of eclipse wind
  13. What was the temperature of the Earth's crust?
  14. What is the difference between active and dormant volcanoes?
  15. What scientists are seeing over Antarctica
  16. Gulf Stream Destabilisation Point is on the move
  17. Volcano stopped an earthquake in its tracks, scientists say
  18. Plants send light to roots to 'see' underground
  19. Climate could shrink habitat of 90 % of eucalypt species
  20. Molten 'jet stream' discovered deep inside Earth
  21. These crabs pinch harder than most animals bite
  22. 'Atlas of the underworld' reveals oceans and mountains lost to Earth history
  23. Meet the frail, small brained people who first trekked out of Africa
  24. Scientists retrieve 80-million-year-old dinosaur protein in ‘milestone’ paper



  1. 13,000-year-old human footprints found off Canada's Pacific coast: New evidence of human population living on the west coast of Canada at the end of last ice age -- ScienceDaily

  2. Early birds may have been too hefty to sit on their eggs

  3. Feathered dinosaurs were even fluffier than we thought

  4. The big five mass extinctions | Cosmos

  5. Strings of electron-carrying proteins may hold the secret to 'electric bacteria': The nanowire structure and electron transfer process of a unique bacterium could provide a foundation for sustainable energy -- ScienceDaily

  6. Mediterranean megaflood confirmed | Cosmos

  7. Caught on camera: the cells eating your brain | Cosmos

  8. The lymphatic drain inside your brain | Cosmos


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