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Auburn River National Park   

What's special?

The scenic Auburn River tumbles over massive, water-sculpted, salmon-coloured granite boulders as it flows through a steep-sided gorge in Auburn River National Park.

Weeping bottlebrushes, flowering leptospermum shrubs and stunted figs line the creek banks. Bottle trees grow in the dry rainforest on the northern bank of the river near the camping area. Silver-leaved ironbark and forest red gum grow in the grassy open forests. These western hardwood forests are now uncommon in this area.

This small park contains relics of past gold mining days.

Exploring Auburn River

Camp or picnic in a picturesque bush setting on the northern bank of the river. Only picnic tables are provided. Take drinking water, a fuel stove for cooking or your own firewood. Remove your rubbish.

Go birdwatching in the forests along the clifftops or around the waterholes. If you are lucky, you might see peregrine falcons which nest in the cliffs opposite the camping area. See brush-tailed rock-wallabies around the cliffs and red-necked wallabies in scrubby gullies near the camping area. Enjoy the wildflowers in spring.

Explore around the river. Take water. Do not drink the river water. Visit in the cooler months as this park can be very hot in summer.


From the picnic and camping area, a short 150m trail leads to a lookout high above the Auburn River. A rough 550m track winds down the side of the gorge to the river. This is a strenuous walk and should only be attempted by fit walkers.

Getting there

Auburn River is 40km or one hourís drive south-west of Mundubbera. Travel 12∑5km south along the Mundubbera-Durong Road then take the Hawkwood Road west for about 20km to the park turnoff. Drive a further 7km to the park along an unsealed road. Conventional access is possible. Four-wheel-drive is recommended in wet weather. Stay on the road. The soils are treacherous when wet.
Key facilities at this park


Author: M.H. Monroe
Last Updated 04/01/2015
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