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Avon Valley National Park

The park is 1 hour's drive from Perth by the Toodyay Road, left into Morangup Road, then left onto Quarry Road.

The Avon River flows in winter and spring, at this time there are spectacular rapids. In summer and autumn, the river diminishes to a series of waterholes in a bed of granite boulders and thickets of tea tree.

Main features

Forests, granite outcrops, panoramic views of the Avon Valley and an abundance of wildlife.


The park is really a a wilderness area, the main facilities, electricity, etc., are 30 km away at Gidgegannuop or Toodyay. All roads in the park are unsealed. The park is a "transitional forest", being at the northern end of the Jarrah range and Jarrah and marri mix with wandoo woodland. The mixed type of forest creates a variety of habitats for a large variety of bird species, 90+ species of bird having been seen in this forest.

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