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Baiame See Sky Heroes                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

The Kamilaroi believed that Baiame created everything. When studies were undertaken at Menindee in 1943 it was not possible to gather much detail of the Baiame beliefs. His wife was said to be Guriguda, the mother of Wakend (the crow). One night she was sitting in the camp with Wakend her son and his wife. Wakend and his wife were eating but didn't give her anything to eat. She was angry and her son became tired of her complaining and speared her in the knee, leaving the spear in the wound. She climbed the spear to Wandanggangura in the sky, the place beyond the clouds. She had the shape of a normal woman but was covered with quartz crystals. The emu is her assistant totem, called jarawajewa, 'the meat which is within'

In parts of southeast Australia Baiame is said to have 2 wives and several sons. It is said he returned to earth for the bora or great initiation ceremonies. His voice could be heard in the sound of the bullroarer that warned the women and children to stay away from the sacred, secret initiation ceremonies. He is believed to resemble a human, but knows all and sees all. Even after the great Boras finished they say he still watches over his people.

Baiame's Bora
The origin of the Narran Lake
          How Baiame Made Swans Black

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  1. The origin of the Narran Lake
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