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What's special?

Part of a string of wetland remnants in the Bundaberg area, Baldwin Swamp Conservation Park is a tiny slice of Kakadu right in the heart of the city. Waterways here provide valuable feeding and breeding grounds for a variety of waterbirds and other wildlife. About 75 bird species have been seen in the park, including magpie geese, jacanas, swamp hens, herons and hardheads.

Paperbark trees, sedges, swamp grass and reeds grow in swampland in the western part of the park. Dry vine scrub fringes the watercourses and open eucalypt forest grows on higher ground. The rainforest is a remnant of the Woongarra Scrub which once extended between the Burnett and Elliott Rivers.

The Bunda people camped on the creek banks long before European settlement. The swamp was named after one of Bundaberg’s pioneers and the springs provided the settlement’s first water supply. Bundaberg City Council and the community have restored the swamplands and are re-establishing the original vegetation.

Exploring Baldwin Swamp

Have a picnic then explore the park. Go birdwatching. Look for waterbirds along the 400m Sunset track beside Bundaberg Creek. A large shelter shed, picnic tables, barbecues and toilets are provided in the adjacent city park.

See brushtail and common ringtail possums, short-nosed bandicoots, insectivorous bats and echidnas mainly at night. Enjoy birdwatching during the day. More than 75 species live in the park.

Camping is not allowed but you can stay overnight in Bundaberg.


Short boardwalks and walking tracks skirt the wetlands. Take your binoculars and wear insect repellent.


The 200m Harry Frauca walkway through teatree forest and riverine scrub is wheelchair-accessible.

Getting there

Baldwin Swamp is 4km from the Bundaberg Post Office along Bargara Road, Scotland and Steindl Streets and Que Hee Street causeway. You can also reach the park via the Bundaberg Port Road (Walker Street) and the causeway.
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