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Black Mountain (Kalkajaka) National Park        

What's special?

At the northern end of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, Black Mountain National Park contains an imposing mountain range of massive granite boulders. The wet tropics and drier savanna woodland natural regions meet in this park, making it a refuge for wildlife, many of which are either rare or threatened with extinction.

This park’s vegetation is unique and only found in the park and Mount Simon area. Wildlife found only here and nearby Trevethan Range and Big Tableland include the scanty frog Cophixalus exiguus, a rainbow skink Carlia scirtetis, and the Black Mountain gecko Nactus galgajuga. Godman’s rock-wallaby and the threatened ghost bat also live in this park.

Known as “Kalkajaka” (place of the spear), Black Mountain was an important meeting place for the Kuku Yalanji Aboriginal people and is the source of many Dreaming stories.

Exploring Black Mountain

Read the signs in the carpark to discover the park’s special history and wildlife.

Camping is not allowed in this rugged park.

Getting there

Black Mountain is 25km south of Cooktown and 4km north of Helenvale on the Cooktown Developmental Road.
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