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Bluewater Paluma State Forest                      

What's special?

At the southern end of the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area, the Bluewater Section of Paluma State Forest has the closest rainforest to Townsville and great views over the coast and offshore islands.

Exploring Bluewater

This is a popular retreat in summer but few facilities are provided, so visitors must be self-sufficient. Camping is not allowed in the forest. Take drinking water.

Have a bush picnic on the site of the old forestry camp.

Enjoy views over the northern beaches of Townsville and the islands from along the road.


See the rainforest along old Forestry roads.


The shelter shed and old gravel Forestry roads are wheelchair-accessible.

Getting there

Bluewater is 30 minutesí drive north-west of Townsville. Turn off the Bruce Highway at Bluewater and drive 18km west along Forestry Road to the forest. The road is closed during the wet season but accessible by conventional vehicle in dry weather. Take care on the gravel road up the range.

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