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    Brachina Gorge is a colourful and spectacular gorge and part of the Flinders Ranges National Park. It is north of Wilpena Pound.

    Brachina Gorge is about 8 km long and cuts a course through the Heysen Range. The road through the gorge cuts across the creek many times. A transport route was developed through here for the cartage of copper ore from the Blinman mine in the 1860s. About half way through the gorge is the grave of an unknown teamster.

    Brachina Gorge is an area of important fossils as well as a colourful and spectacular gorge. Rocks in Brachina Gorge were once sediments deposited in a shallow, elongate basin known as the Adelaide Geosyncline 650 to 500 million years ago. Mountain building then took place over many millions of years. This is when Wilpena Pound, a large fold structure, was formed. Weathering and erosion have since reduced the height of the mountain range. A geological track, 20 km. one way, has been established here. It is best to start from the eastern end, on the road between Wilpena and Blinman. Allow 2 - 3 hours to investigate the rocks which include one of the oldest known animal fossils, Dickinsonia costata

    Camping is permitted in Brachina Gorge. No facilities have been developed. The area is very popular during school holidays. Firewood is scarce. Bring your own water.

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