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Broadwater Conservation Park 

What's special?

Broadwater is on the coast between Baffle Creek and Deepwater Creek. This small diverse coastal remnant contains casuarina woodland on the foredunes, mangrove-lined creeks and mixed eucalypt open forest and paperbark woodland further inland.

Exploring Broadwater

This is a quiet haven for totally self-sufficient visitors. Go birdwatching or fishing. If you swim, remember this beach is unpatrolled and beware of marine stingers between October and May.

Camp at Mitchell Creek camping area. Take water and a fuel stove. No facilities are provided and generators are not allowed. Pay your fees at the self-registration station near the beach access point at Rules Beach.

Getting there

Broadwater is on the coast 7km north of Rules Beach. Access is by boat or four-wheel-drive along Rules Beach at low tide. Sand driving experience is necessary as getting off the beach can be difficult.

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