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Brodick Castle, Isle of Arran, Scotland

Brodick Castle, Isle of Arran, Scotland

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It is though that the site of Brodick Castle, on the northern side of Brodick Bay, near the foot of Goatfell, was a defensive position held by the Vikings. They were driven from Arran after the year 1000, but the castle wasn't built until sometime after 1266 for the Stewarts of Menteith. It was held by the English during the Wars of Independence, and was re-taken by the Scots in 1307. It was damaged by English ships in 1406, and in 1455 by McDonald, Lord of the Isles.

In 1503 the Hamiltons took possession of it and rebuilt it in 1510, but was damaged again in 1528 during battles between the MacLeans and Campbells. Henry VIII's forces inflicted more damage in 1544.

In the 1550s it was rebuilt and expanded only to be taken by the Campbells and retaken by the Hamiltons. In the 1650s Cromwell captured it and expanded it further. The castle of today is more a stately home, since 1844.

As well as a chequered existence there are also some points of interest about it. In 1977, during more work on the castle, a previously unknown staircase was uncovered that led to a windowless room. Nothing is known about this staircase and room, an interesting challenge for historians. There are also several ghosts reported to be present in the castle.

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