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Bulburin Forest Reserve

What's special?

Rugged, high country in the Many Peaks Range is protected in Bulburin Forest Reserve. Mt Boreen Boreen is the highest point.

About half of the forest is covered in beautiful subtropical rainforest, dense stands of dry rainforest with emerging hoop pines, and gallery rainforest. Together, they form the largest rainforest remnant in central Queensland.

The rest of the forest contains open eucalypt forest and woodland and tall open forest with a rainforest understorey. Dry open forests with New England blackbutt, spotted gum and white mahogany grow on the more exposed western ridges and foothills. Mature hoop pine plantations in the State forest are being harvested for timber.

A variety of wildlife lives in the forest including wompoo pigeons, red-necked and red-legged pademelons and red-eyed tree frogs. Rare and threatened species like the long-nosed potoroo have also been reported.

The forest protects the catchments for the Boyne and Kolan Rivers and Baffle and Granite Creeks.

Exploring Bulburin

Experience one of the best subtropical rainforest remnants in Queensland in this undeveloped forest.

Go birdwatching. See red-crowned pigeons, noisy pittas, regent bowerbirds, satin bowerbirds and paradise riflebirds in the rainforest.

Bush camp along the ridge among planted bunya pines on the site of the former Forestry barracks. No facilities are provided apart from a picnic platform, so campers must be totally self-sufficient. Take drinking water and a fuel stove. Obtain your camping permit beforehand.

Go for a scenic drive through the forest. A four-wheel-drive loop road passes through the rainforest. You must obtain a permit to traverse before driving through the forest.


No tracks are provided. Wear insect repellent when walking in the rainforest.

Getting there

Bulburin is 50km north-east of Monto. Conventional access is possible from Builyan on the Monto-Gladstone Road. Turn at the Dalga Road and continue along the Bulburin Forest Road to the campground, 16km from Builyan. A through route leads 33km to the Bruce Highway. Turn off the highway at Granite Creek Forest Road near the Granite Creek rest area, 64km north of Gin Gin or 38km south of Miriam Vale. This access road is four-wheel-drive only.

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