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Burkes Cave - Flaked Stone Assemblage Variation in Western New South Wales, Australia

A small section of creek terrace adjacent to Burkes Cave in the Scope Range, western New South Wales, was excavated by Harry Allen in 1970, which revealed a stratified deposit that was dated to about 2,000 BP by a single radiocarbon determination. An analysis of this stone artefact assemblage has not previously been fully published. In this paper Shiner et al. describe the technological characteristics and composition of the stone artefact assemblage recovered from this important site and consider the similarities to and differences from other assemblages they have studied that were recovered from other sites in western New South Wales.

Sources & Further reading

  1. Justin Shiner, Simon Holdaway, Harry Allen and Patricia Fanning, June 2007, Burkes Cave and flaked stone assemblage variability in western New South Wales, Australia, Australian Archaeology, Vol. 64, pp. 35-45, article 
Author: M. H. Monroe
Last updated: 13/10/2013
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