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Byfield State Forest   

What's special?

South of the Shoalwater Bay Military Training Area, Byfield State Forest protects scenic coastal remnants and picturesque creeks next to Byfield National Park.

About one-third of the forest is covered in tall exotic pine plantations which are managed for timber production. Patches of rainforest grow in the ranges and along Waterpark Creek.

This multiple-use forest sustains a variety of commercial uses, including grazing, bee-keeping and timber production, as well as recreation. The distinctive Byfield fern prized by florists is harvested from the forest.

Exploring Byfield

Escape the summer heat and marine stingers in Byfield’s crystal-clear and tea-coloured creeks. Wear insect repellent, especially after rain.

Choose from three camping areas with individual campsites, toilets, fireplaces and firewood. Make sure you book and get your camping permit before you arrive at Waterpark Creek or Upper Stony camping areas. You can get your camping permit onsite at Red Rock only. Supplies are available at nearby Byfield township. Seek Ranger advice about bush camping.

Have a picnic or camp by Waterpark Creek. Picnic tables, barbecues, fireplaces, firewood and toilets are provided. Two van sites are available. Be careful: bullrouts, freshwater stonefish, live in the creek and can cause a nasty sting. Wear shoes, even when wading. If stung, immerse the affected area in hot (not scalding) water for 20 minutes before seeking medical advice.

You can also camp or picnic at Red Rock. Picnic tables, wood barbecues, water and toilets are provided. Grassy sites in the pine plantation are suitable for vans and motorhomes. Dogs are permitted overnight. Swim with care at Red Rock, a clear, running creek. Do not jump or dive into any waterholes.

Upper Stony camping area is suitable for large groups. Picnic facilities are provided on the other side of the creek. The waterhole is popular in summer. Never dive or jump into the water here and beware of bullrouts.

For your safety, do not go on roads marked “no access”. Off-road access is not allowed.


At Waterpark Creek, walk 300m through the rainforest to the creek. At Red Rock, follow a short track down to the creek. Upper Stony has beautiful rainforest walks around the creek. All have steep sections and steps. Explore along the forestry roads with care.


Wheelchair-accessible toilets and picnic tables are provided at the Waterpark Creek, Red Rock and Upper Stony picnic and camping areas.

Getting there

Byfield is half an hour’s drive north of Yeppoon or one hour from Rockhampton via the Yeppoon-Byfield Road. Turn off the sealed main road and drive a further 11km to Upper Stony, 1km to Red Rock and 2km to Waterpark Creek. Access is suitable for conventional vehicles and caravans.

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