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Cape Upstart National Park 

What's special?

Flanked by sandy beaches, Cape Upstart is an imposing granite headland covered in a range of vegetation types from vine thicket to heath.

This is an important place for the Juru people.

The surrounding waters are part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Exploring Cape Upstart

This is a low-key park for self-sufficient visitors. Camp at Coconut Beach or bush camp in a secluded campsite on the northern side of the Elliot River. No facilities are provided. Take drinking water and a fuel stove.

Check the marine park zoning plan for advice on activities permitted in the adjacent marine park waters. Beware of marine stingers October to May. Beware of estuarine crocodiles at Coconut Bay.

Getting there

Cape Upstart is on the coast between Ayr and Bowen. There is no vehicle access to the park. Access is by boat only. Launch your boat at ramps south of Gumlu at Molongle Bay or the Elliot River near Guthalungra.

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