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Capricorn Cannel

The southern section of the Great Barrier Reef comprises the sections of the reef that extends south of MacKay. At this point the reef is about 260 km from the mainland, which makes daytrips difficult. There are a number of groups of islands between the outer reef and the mainland: The Capricorn-Bunker Group, about 150 km out from Gladstone. The Keppel Group lie just off the coast at Rockhampton.

The Capricorn-Bunker Group

The islands comprising this group are Heron, Lady Musgrave, Hoskyn, Fairfax, One Tree, Erskine, Wreck and Wilson. 

Heron Island

Heron Island is a true coral cay. It is 80 km off Gladstone.

Lady Musgrave Island

It is a forested coral cay off Gladstone on the central Queensland coast. The island and its reef are the second most southerly of the Great Barrier Reef.

Hoskyn Island

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