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Capricorn Coast National Park    What's special?

Rocky outcrops along the Capricorn Coast were formed by volcanic eruptions about 130 million years ago.

Five reserves south of Yeppoon are protected in this small park — Double Head, Rosslyn Head, Bluff Point and Pinnacle Point, south of Yeppoon, and Vallis Park to the north. Vallis Park has no public access.

The park protects a variety of vegetation types from windswept low heath with scattered pandanus and she-oaks to eucalypt/wattle open forest, dry rainforest, tussock grassland and mangroves.

Exploring Capricorn Coast

Go for a scenic drive south of Yeppoon, stopping at Double Head or Bluff Point for a bushwalk or picnic.

Next to Rosslyn Bay Harbour, explore Double Head along a sealed 365m walking track which zig-zags up through tangled dry vine thicket and tussock grassland to two lookouts. See the striking fan-shaped cliff formation with hexagonal basalt columns at Fan Rock Lookout, a reminder of the park’s volcanic past. Continue to the Rosslyn Bay Lookout for views over this scenic coastline.

Go birdwatching at Rosslyn Head or Bluff Point. You might see brush-turkeys, rufous shrike-thrushes, white-bellied sea-eagles or honeyeaters.

Have a picnic or barbecue on the shore at Bluff Point. Gas barbecues, picnic tables, tap water and toilets are provided. Walk to the lookouts for views over the Keppel Bay islands and Capricorn coastline. Look for dolphins or turtles in the waters below.

Camping is not allowed in the park but you can stay nearby at Yeppoon or Byfield


Wheelchair-assisted toilets and a wheelchair-accessible picnic table are provided at Bluff Point.

Getting there

Capricorn Coast is south of Yeppoon. You can see all the park’s sections in a short half-hour drive from Yeppoon to Emu Park.

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