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Carnarvon Basin

The Carnarvon Basin stretches 1000 km along the northwest coast of Western Australia between Geraldton and to the north, Port Headland. It is an epicratonic basin from the Phanerozoic that has been faulted and folded. The onshore section of the Carnarvon Basin covers an area of about 115,000 km2, the offshore section about 535,000 km2, above which the water reaches depths of up to 3,500 m. It is elongated in the northeast-southwest direction, and is transitional to the Perth Basin to the south and the offshore Caning Basin and Roebuck Basin in the northwest.

There are up to 15 km of sedimentary deposits from the Palaeozoic to Recent in the Carnarvon Basin, that are mostly from the Mesozoic in the Southern Carnarvon Basin, up to 7 km thick.

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