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Cathu State Forest   

What's special?

Along the rugged Clarke Range behind the Whitsunday coast is Cathu State Forest. Forests and woodlands range from distinctive poplar gum Eucalyptus alba woodlands and exotic Caribbean pine plantations on the creek flats to dense rainforest, hoop pine plantations and tall wet eucalpyt forest along the range. The rainforests were selectively logged during the 1960s and 70s.

Exploring Cathu

This is a quiet retreat for people who like to relax and enjoy the bush. Go wildlife watching. See Ulysses butterflies, whiptail and agile wallabies and northern quolls. Take your binoculars and go birdwatching. More than 100 species of birds have been seen in the forest.

Picnic or camp beside Pandanus Creek at Jaxut, 200m past the old forest station site. Grassy, shady campsites, toilets, picnic tables, tap water, bins and fireplaces are provided. Pay your camping fees at the self-registration station. Take firewood and drinking water. Creek flow is seasonal.

Go for a scenic drive beyond the camping area. Enjoy spectacular views over the beautiful Whitsunday coast from the Clarke Range Lookout, 7km from the camping area. From Windy Point, you can see Eungella National Park to the south. Mountain bike riding is allowed in the forest.


At Jaxut, a 1km walk follows Pandanus Creek. See the rainforest along Muirs Road and the old Kangaroo Creek Road. Both are closed to traffic.

Getting there

Cathu is west of the Bruce Highway, 72km or one hour north of Mackay or 51km south of Proserpine. Jaxut is 12km off the highway. The access road is rough and unsuitable for caravans but conventional access is possible. High fire danger and wet weather can close the roads. You need a permit to traverse to travel beyond the camping area. Four-wheel-drive is necessary to complete the Loop Road. This road is closed during wet weather.

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