Australia: The Land Where Time Began

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Coffin Bay National Park

50 km west of Port Lincoln and 2 km west of Coffin Bay villiage, this is a large coastal wilderness park. The bay got its name from one of Mathew Flinder's financial backers, Sir Isaac Coffin. 4-wheel-drives are required over most of the park.

Camping areas at Sensation Beach and Sir Isaac Point are reached by a sandy track across the narrow neck of the main peninsula. Part of the track, where it travels along Seven Mile Beach, is accessible only at low tide. There are 3 other beach camp sites along the track. Fresh water is in short supply in summer. marked nature trails cross 3 different habitats. There are many walks and lookouts at Point Avoid, and a camping area is situated at Avoid Bay. Wilderness walks go to Widbey Beach and Point. There is a resident ranger at the entry station.

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