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Combo Conservation Park

What's special?

Did the jolly swagman camp by Combo Waterhole? We will probably never know for sure, but waterholes in this park reputedly inspired Banjo Paterson to write Australia’s most popular folk song, Waltzing Matilda, while visiting nearby Dagworth Station in 1895.

Combo Conservation Park contains a string of semi-permanent coolibah-lined lagoons in outback Queensland. Combo Waterhole is on one of Queensland’s longest rivers, the Diamantina. The park is a wildlife refuge, especially in dry times.

Exploring Combo Waterhole

Have a bush picnic on the banks of this famous waterhole. Camping is not allowed.

Discover the park’s fascinating past as you wander along the channels of the Diamantina River. See the historic stone-pitched overshot weirs (causeways) built by skilled Chinese labourers from 1883.


A 40 minute return walk to the waterholes starts in the carpark. Wear a hat and sunscreen.

Getting there

Combo is just near Kynuna, 145km north-west of Winton. Turn south off the Landsborough Highway 13km south of Kynuna or 132km north-west of Winton. A short drive leads to the park. Wet weather may restrict access to the park.

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