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Conondale National Park

What's special?

West of the Mary River valley, Conondale National Park protects important remnants of grassy open eucalypt forest, tall wet sclerophyll forest and subtropical rainforest. These forests were once more extensive in the Sunshine Coast hinterland.

The park is the central undisturbed core of an extensive area of forest reserves in the Conondale Range and an important refuge for many rare and threatened animals. The catchments of Bundaroo and Peters Creeks which flow into Booloumba Creek are protected in the park.

Exploring Conondale

This park is undeveloped and suitable only for experienced bushwalkers.

Drive through the park on the 37km Kenilworth Forest Drive or hike along Goods Road, a fire management trail within the park.

Picnic or camp at nearby Booloumba Creek or Charlie Moreland in Kenilworth State Forest and Forest Reserve.


Hike along a fire trail or bushwalk through the nearby forest reserve to Mt Allan (4km return), the gold mine (52km return), Peters Creek Falls (05km return), or the Breadknife and Booloumba Creek Falls (3km return).

Getting there

Conondale National Park is about 100km or 90 minutes northwest of Brisbane in the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Access is through Kenilworth State Forest.

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