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Cunning crows

I saw these crows drinking from a sports water bottle at the side of a hockey field where a game was in progress. When the group finished the last to drink stood the bottle up. Did they do that so the bottle owner wouldn't know they had been drinking from the bottle?  I haven't noticed crows leaving things as they found them. These photos are from slides, so there is no doubt as to the sequence of shots.

Crows drinking from a bottle 1           

 Crows drinking from a bottle 2

 Crows drinking from a bottle 3

As is well know by now Crows have learned how to eat the dreaded cane toad while avoiding the poison glands by turning the toads on their backs.

This crow was a bit slow and the toad escaped after being rolled over a couple of times. I didn't have my SLR with tele lens so focusing was also too slow to capture the escape.

One I watched eating chips. It took 1 chip and buried it then called while it ate the other chip. Another crow arrived and took possession of the chip. When it finished and flew away the first crow looked around for a while then dug up the chip and ate it in silence.

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