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Curtis Island National Park and Conservation Park

What's special?

Off the central Queensland coast between Rockhampton and Gladstone lies Curtis Island. The north-eastern end of this large island is Curtis Island National Park.

A variety of vegetation types grows in the park from heath, grassland, stunted paperbark woodland and open eucalypt forest to extensive patches of dry rainforest.

An historic lighthouse is located at Cape Capricorn.

Exploring Curtis Island

Camp at Yellow Patch. This natural sandblow with bright yellow sand provides a sheltered anchorage for boats. Visitors must be self-sufficient. Obtain your camping permit beforehand. Take drinking water and a fuel stove. Remove your rubbish.

Go fishing or birdwatching.


There are no tracks but you can spend two to three days hiking along the east coast of the island. Tell someone your plans in case of emergency.

Getting there

The park is accessible only by boat from Gladstone or The Narrows.

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