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Davenport  Ranges see Passive Fractures Weathering

These ranges lie about 400 km north of Alice Springs in the Northern Territory. About 500 million years ago sand was deposited in the valleys around even older sandstone ridges where the Davenport Ranges now exist. After it was consolidated into sandstone the climate changed, becoming  much drier. This sandstone has since been carved up by millions of years of the desert wind and scarce rainfall to such an extent that the once continuous sandstone now exists in the form of flat-topped ridges, mesas, and rock outcrops. The Devil's Marbles formation, considered part of the Davenport Ranges,  is an example of the more isolated granite outcrops that remain. The surface of these ranges and outcrops are thought to have been exposed to the air continuously since the water receded millions of years ago, making them the oldest known continuously exposed land surface on Earth.

Davenport Range National Park (Proposed_


The proposed Davenport Range National Park encompasses 1120 sq. km of the Davenport Range, and is bordered by the pastoral leases of Elkedra, Kurundi, Murray Downs, and Singleton Stations and the Anurrete Aboriginal Land Trust. It will be the first National Park in the Davenport and Murchison Ranges in the Barkly Tablelands.

The Davenport Ranges hold a quiet beauty, making them a relaxing and attractive place for intrepid visitors.

How To Get There

At this time visitors may only visit Whistleduck Creek and the Old Police Station Waterhole.

The Old Police Station Waterhole is extensive and may be reached via Kurundi/ Epenara (high clearance vehicle required) or alternatively via the Taylor's Creek track (4WD vehicle required).

An alternative access to the Old Police Station Waterhole is via the 'Frew River Loop 4WD Track'; a demanding 17km track that should only be attempted by experienced 4WD drivers.

When to Visit

The area is subject to frequent flooding during the hotter months (December to March). To find out about local road and weather conditions, phone the Police Station at Ali Curung on (08) 8964 1959.

What To See & Do

Camping, nature lovers and 4WD enthusiasts will love the Davenport Range National Park.

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