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Deepwater National Park

What's special?

This park protects sandy beaches, the catchment of near-pristine Deepwater Creek, one of the few remaining undisturbed freshwater streams in Queensland, and vegetation remnants in the coastal lowlands between Bundaberg and Agnes Water.

Paperbark forests, wallum heath and swamplands cover the western part of the park while tall forests of swamp mahogany, paperbark and cabbage palms fringe the creek. Patches of dry rainforest with weeping cabbage palms, Burdekin plums, vines and other rainforest plants flourish behind the high sand dunes. Beautiful open forests of wattles, Moreton Bay ash, banksias and other trees and shrubs grow further inland. Subtropical rainforest grows near the southern boundary of the park.

Deepwater Creek is stained tea-coloured by tannins leached from the surrounding heath communities. Parts of the creek flow only after rain.

Exploring Deepwater

Enjoy the peace and quiet of this unspoilt coastal retreat. Picnic behind the dunes at Wreck Rock. Toilets, tank water and picnic tables are provided.

Walk or fish along the vehicle-free beach. Explore the rockpools at Wreck Rock. If you swim, remember this beach is unpatrolled and beware of marine stingers between October and May.

Go birdwatching. Look for brahminy kites, glossy black-cockatoos, honeyeaters and emus. Canoe along the everglade-like waters of Deepwater Creek just outside the park’s southern boundary, 5·5km south of Wreck Rock.

Bush camp at Wreck Rock or Middle Rock. Only Wreck Rock has facilities, including shady individual campsites, group campsites, a cold outdoor shower, untreated tap water, picnic tables and toilets. Take a fuel stove for cooking and drinking water for both camping areas. Remove your rubbish. Pay your fees at the self-registration stations. Book for Wreck Rock during the holidays. Sites are limited.


Walk along the beach from Wreck Rock. Watch for traffic if walking along any roads. Carry drinking water and wear a hat and sunscreen.

Getting there

Deepwater is on the coast between Agnes Water and Bundaberg. Access from the north is four-wheel-drive only. Turn off the Bruce Highway at Miriam Vale and drive to Agnes Water. Head south for 4km then turn right down a sandy track and drive 2km to the park boundary. Continue to Flat Rock, Middle Rock and Wreck Rock camping area.

From Bundaberg, take the Rosedale-1770 Road about 58km almost to Berajondo. Turn right 500m before Berajondo into Hills Road then drive 19·2km to a T-junction. Turn right into Coast Road. Continue for 5·6km then turn left into Fernfield Road. Travel 7·5km then turn left into Deepwater Road. After 10·5km, cross the ford, swing right then turn left into Wreck Rock Road and continue 5·5km to the Wreck Rock turnoff. Conventional-vehicle access is possible to Wreck Rock from the south in dry weather. The road through the park is unsuitable for conventional vehicles or caravans north of Wreck Rock.

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