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Delicia Road Conservation Park

What's special?

This small park protects a small rainforest remnant on the scenic Blackall Range and is home to the great barred frog, Mixophyes fasciolatus. Delicia Road Conservation Park is known locally as Linda Garrett Park.

Exploring Delicia Road

Go for a short walk through the rainforest or go birdwatching early morning or late afternoon.

Camping is not allowed. Stay nearby in private accommodation on the Blackall Range.


Walk through wet eucalypt forest and a palm grove along tracks and a boardwalk and return along a fire management trail. Wear insect repellent and check for leeches after your walk in summer.

Getting there

Drive to Nambour via the Bruce Highway, then take the Mapleton and Montville turnoff 17km west to Mapleton. Turn west into Obi Obi Road. Turn right into Delicia Road and continue to the park.

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