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Diamantina River                                                                                                                                                       

The Diamantina rises in the Swords Range 70 km southwest of Kynuna, flowing to the north and the east, then 70 km west of Winton, it swings to the southwest. It is joined by several major tributaries, the Western River and the Mayne River above Diamantina Lakes and Farrars Creek below Monkira. The river consists of a number of relatively shallow channels, rather than a single main channel. It joins the Georgina River at Goyder's Lagoon to become the Warburton River that flows into Lake Eyre North. In a good wet season Goyder's Lagoon is transformed into a vast wetland covering 1300 sq km. Flooding that isolates towns in the area is a fairly common occurrence, and heavy rain can fall around the Diamantina Lakes area, though the floodwaters usually originate in the headwaters of the Diamantina and its tributaries. It is one of major contributors to the Channel Country. It is about 900 km (560 mi) long, passing through northern South Australia on its way to Lake Eyre. Its catchment is 157,000 km2. Of this, 140,000 are used for grazing.

Most of the basin is very flat, the highest points reaching less than 500m (1600 ft) above sea level. Nearly all streams in the basin flow towards Birdsville on the way to Lake Eyre. The major feature along the river is the Diamantina National Park, half way between Winton and Birdsville.

Sources & Further reading

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