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Earthquake Nias-Simeuline Deformation and Slip along the Sunda Megathrust 2015

Seismic rupture produced spectacular tectonic deformation above a strip of the Sunda Megathrust about 400 km long offshore from northern Sumatra, March 2005. Belts of uplift up to 3 m high that are belt-parallel were revealed from coral microatolls and GPS stations. More than 11 m of fault slip beneath the islands and a pronounced lessening of slip trenchward is reflected by surface deformation. The northwestern edge of the 2005 rupture is separated by a saddle in megathrust slip from the great 2004 Sumatra-Andaman rupture. The southern edge abuts a section, that is predominantly aseismic, of the megathrust near the equator.

Sources & Further reading

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