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Endeavour River National Park

What's special?

Just next to Cooktown, Endeavour River National Park contains coastal dunes, freshwater wetlands, and the estuary and parts of the catchment of the Endeavour River. Mangrove forests, heathlands and tropical woodlands grow in the park.

Cook named the Endeavour River after his ship when it struck a reef off Cooktown on 11 June 1770. Botanists Banks and Solander collected many plant specimens along the Endeavour River.

The Guugu Yimmithirr Aboriginal people have close spiritual ties with this place.

Exploring Endeavour River

Relax and enjoy nature in this undeveloped park. No facilities are provided so visitors must be self-sufficient. Camping is not allowed.

Beware of estuarine crocodiles in the Endeavour River. Never swim, dangle legs or arms in the water or prepare food near the water’s edge. Be croc-wise.

Getting there

Endeavour River is just north of Cooktown. Most of the park is accessible only by boat. The southern side of the Endeavour River can be reached by vehicle along Starcke Street, Marton. The park is also accessible next to the Endeavour Valley Road 3km west of Cooktown. There are two boat ramps at the Cooktown waterfront.

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