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Entropic corrected Newton’s law of gravitation and the loop quantum black hole gravitational atom

Gravity is an entropic force, and not a fundamental force, one proposal by Verlinde (Verlinde, 2011). Verlinde has provided in this way a way to derive the Newton’s law of gravitation from the Bekenstein-Hawking entropy-area formula. As it has been demonstrated, on the other hand, that this formula is susceptible to quantum gravity corrections, it may be found that these corrections could be inherited by Newton’s law. The entropic interpretation of Newton’s law could in this way be a prolific way in order to get verifiable or falsifiable quantum corrections to ordinary gravity in observationally accessible regimes. A way to approach the quantum properties of spacetime is provided by the theory of loop quantum gravity. A quantum corrected semiclassical black hole solution called loop quantum black holes or self-dual black holes, emerges from this theory. The fact that they give rise to a modified entropy-area relation where there are quantum gravity corrections is among the interesting features of loop quantum back black holes. In this study Aragão and Silva obtained the quantum corrected Newton’s law from the entropy area relation given by loop quantum black holes. Aragão and Silva consider the quantum mechanical properties of a huge gravitational atom consisting in the light neutral elementary particle in the presence of a loop quantum black hole, in order to relate their results with the recent experimental activity.

Sources & Further reading

  1. Aragão, R. G. L. and C. A. S. Silva (2016). "Entropic corrected Newton’s law of gravitation and the loop quantum black hole gravitational atom." General Relativity and Gravitation 48(7): 1-17.


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Last Updated 20/07/2016

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