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Ewaninga Rock Carvings Conservation Reserve

39 kilometres south of Alice Springs along the Old South Road

The small, six hectare Reserve protects rock engravings or petroglyphs, which are a valuable link to the activities of early Arrernte Aboriginal people. Here outcrops of soft sandstone beside a small claypan, form natural galleries for petroglyphs featuring a great variety of symbols or motifs. Much of the meaning of the petroglyphs is "sacred". It is easy to imagine the small claypan as a natural bowl, trapping and holding scarce rains and making this a favourite site for longer stays by early nomads. For a while after rain, there would be ample water, game animals and time. The petroglyphs were carved into the soft sandstone, a record of their important beliefs. It is not known exactly how old the petroglyphs are. Arrernte custodians are happy for people to visit the site in the Ewaninga Rock Carvings Conservation Reserve but ask that they don't climb over the rocks, touch or interfere with the petroglyphs in any way. Any interference can attract heavy fines. The Arrente custodians ask that non Arrente Aboriginal women do not enter this site.

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