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Flinders Ranges - Mid North Region

In the southern Mid North region remnants of laterite stand high in the relief, and there are also remnants that are silcrete capped in the region, that are possibly from the Early-Middle Tertiary (Alley, 1973). It has not been suggested that these remnants capped with duricrust predate the Tertiary, though the ridges and valleys forming the framework of the relief and stand higher than the duricrusts may be as old as the Flinders Ranges. The planation and deep weathering of the region, the landscape from which the topography of the present has been shaped, has been assigned to the Mesozoic (Preiss, 1995). Therefore it has been suggested that this area is also comparable in its morphological evolution, as well as being a structural extension of the Flinders Ranges, though with open folds.

Sources & Further reading

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