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Forest Den National Park

What's special?

Mitchell grass plains and black gidgee Acacia argyrodendron woodlands are protected in this remote park in the Torrens Creek catchment in central-western Queensland. Forest Den National Park is an important wildlife corridor and semi-permanent waterholes along Torrens and Paradise Creeks provide a refuge for wildlife.

River red gums, coolibahs and paperbarks fringe the creek and waterholes.

The park is named after one of five grazing paddocks which covered the property over the past century.

Exploring Forest Den

Stop at Forest Den when travelling between Townsville and western Queensland. Visitors must be self-sufficient in food, water, fuel and spare parts.

Picnic on the banks of Torrens Creek. No facilities are provided.

Take your binoculars and camera and go birdwatching. Dusk and dawn are the best times. See whistling kites, brown falcons, white ibis, egrets and rufous-throated honeyeaters. Try to spot squatter pigeons hiding in the grass.

Look for sugar gliders and brushtail possums in the trees or Beccari’s freetail bats skimming over the water surface.

Camp beside Four Mile Waterhole. Take drinking water and a fuel stove. Bury human wastes away from the waterhole and remove your rubbish. Use no soap or detergent in the waterholes.

Visit in the cooler months, March to September. Summers are hot and can be wet.


Wear a hat and sunscreen. No tracks are provided but the flat ground makes walking easy.

Getting there

Forest Den is on the Torrens Creek Road 110km north of Aramac. Take the Corinda turnoff from Aramac. Turn left after 5km and head north 4·5km to Four Mile Waterhole. Four-wheel-drive is recommended and you may be stranded in wet weather.

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