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Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park

This unique and picturesque park consists of lakes, wetlands, marine and terrestrial environments. The Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park is a narrow coastal reserve covering 17,584 hectares along a portion of the Ninety Mile Beach, from Seaspray to Lakes Entrance. The park also includes the internationally significant Lake Reeve, several islands and the Boole Poole Peninsula.

Things to Do


  • Designated camping sites are situated between Paradise Beach and The Honeysuckles along Shoreline Drive at Golden Beach.
  • Boat based bush camping sites are available at Bunga Arm east of Steamer Landing.
  • A few bush camping sites are also situated west of Loch Sport. Basic facilities are provided at some of these sites. It is recommended that water be carried.


  • There are many picnic areas in natural surroundings throughout the park.


  • There are swimming sites along the sheltered lake shores. Take great care when swimming along the Ninety Mile Beach. It is recommended that swimming be contained within flagged areas patrolled by surf life saving clubs.


  • Surf fishing along the Ninety Mile Beach or lake fishing from a boat, bank or jetty is popular throughout the park. Bream, Flathead, Skip Jack, Luderick and Mullet are the main fish caught.
  • Please note that a recreational fishing licence is required for all coastal and inland waters.


  • The Lakes provide excellent opportunities for boating and water skiing in designated areas.
  • Boat ramps are situated at Seacombe, Wattle Point, Paynesville, Metung, Nungurner, Loch Sport and Lakes Entrance.
  • Jetties for access to the park are provided at Barrier Landing, Drews Jetty, Ocean Grange, Silver Shot Landing and Steamer Landing.
  • Boat operators are encouraged to use the sewage pump out or hopper facilities situated around the lakes for the disposal of sewage.

Horse Riding

  • Horse riding is permitted along formed tracks within the park, west of Loch Sport.
  • Horse riding is not permitted on the Ninety Mile Beach.


  • Management tracks, which are normally closed to private vehicles, provide ready access for walkers to explore some of the more secluded areas of the park.
  • The Ninety Mile Beach is also excellent for walking.


  • Licensed hunting and firearms are permitted in designated areas of the Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park. Wild duck, Stubble Quail and Hog Deer may be hunted in season only.
  • All hunting must be done in accordance with the regulations as set out under the Wildlife, National Parks and Firearms Acts. Hunting is not permitted on private property without permission.
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