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Gloucester National Park

3 km from Pemberton.

The Gloucester Tree, in Gloucester National Park, is probably Western Australia's most famous karri tree. This 60-metre-high giant towers above the forest surrounding Pemberton. In the past, foresters maintained a regular fire lookout from its lofty crown. Today, visitors climb to the cabin in its upper branches for sensational views of the surrounding karri forest.

The Gloucester Tree was one of eight lookout trees built between 1937 and 1952 in the karri forest. The construction of fire lookout towers in the tallest trees of Western Australia's karri forest was the practical response to one of the most serious threats to forest communities in the South-West -- fire.

What to do:
Bushwalking, fishing, tree climbing (visitor fees apply).

  • Walks:
    • THE DUKE'S WALK -- Easy 400 m loop to view the karri forest at close quarters.
    • KARRI VIEWS -- Easy 800 m walk to the edge of the Eastbrook Valley. Offers views across the park.
    • THE CASCADES -- Easy 1.2 km, 30 minute loop crossing the Lefroy Brook and The Cascades.
    • NYOONGAR WALK -- Easy 1.5 km loop that starts from the Eastbrook Scenic Drive.
    • GLOUCESTER TREE WALK -- Moderate 3 km walk from Pemberton Townsite to the Gloucester Tree.
    • WAUGAL'S WALK -- Easy 6 km, return. Features karri forest, Eastbrook and old railway earthworks.
    • GLOUCESTER ROUTE -- Moderate 10 km walk that leads over hills and down gullies to hidden creeks and waterfalls.
    • GLOUCESTER TREE TO CASCADES WALK -- 12 km, return featuring Eastbrook Valley, karri forest and views.

    A booklet on walks in the Pemberton Region is available from the local CALM Office (see below).

Picnic tables, toilets, lookouts, barbecues at Gloucester Tree and The Cascades.

Note: As park entry fees are applicable for Gloucester National Park and the five other parks in the area, a parks pass is recommended. (These can be obtained at the CALM Pemberton Office, the Tourist Centre or the Gloucester Tree.)

Best season:
All year; spring for wildflowers

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