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Goldsborough Valley State Forest

What's special?

Nestled below the rugged Bellenden Ker Range, Goldsborough Valley State Forest protects beautiful lowland rainforest along the Mulgrave River in the scenic Goldsborough Valley.

This is the traditional home of several groups of Aboriginal people with a living rainforest culture. The discovery of gold in the Mulgrave River in the 1870s transformed the valley. Settlers, timber-getters, pastoralists and horse breeders followed the prospectors. Today, the forest is protected in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

Exploring Goldsborough Valley

Picnic or camp on the grassy banks of the picturesque Mulgrave River. Two camping areas have a rainforest setting. Individual campsites, toilets, picnic tables, wood barbecues, firewood, drinking water and a shelter shed are provided. Pay your camping fees at the self-registration station.

Learn about Aboriginal culture and the rainforest along a short track to the base of Kearneys Falls. For your safety, do not attempt to climb the falls.

Follow in the footsteps of the prospectors on the historic 18km Goldfield Trail through Wooroonooran National Park east to The Boulders Scenic Reserve near Babinda.

Canoeing is best between March and May, when the water levels are higher. Be very careful if canoeing in the wet season. Hidden obstacles are a hazard.

WARNING: Never dive or jump into the river ó many pools are shallow. Bullrouts (freshwater stonefish) live in the river. Wear shoes when wading or swimming. If stung, apply hot (not scalding) water to the affected area. Seek medical attention.

Dogs are not allowed in the forest.


Wear a hat and sunscreen and carry drinking water when bushwalking. Check track conditions on the Goldfield Trail with the rangers at Wooroonooran (07) 4067 6304 or Goldsborough (07) 4056 2597.


The toilets are wheelchair-accessible.

Getting there

Goldsborough Valley is 25km south-west of Gordonvale or an hourís drive south of Cairns via the Gillies Highway. Access is along a narrow, winding gravel road unsuitable for buses and caravans.

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