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Goold Island National Park

What's special?

Granite outcrops and sandy beaches are features of Goold Island National Park, a hilly continental island off Cardwell. Eucalypt woodland covers most of the island but patches of lush rainforest grow in sheltered gullies. Noisy flocks of sulphur-crested cockatoos live in the islandís forests.

Dugong and turtles feed on seagrass beds in the shallow waters surrounding the island, part of the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park.

Exploring Goold Island

Bush camp or picnic on the western beach. Toilets, picnic tables, a shelter shed, tank water and gas barbecues are provided. The tank water supply and creek flow are seasonal and unreliable. Take fresh water, insect repellent and a fuel stove for cooking. Do not rely on the barbecue for cooking. Campfires and generators are not allowed. Remove your rubbish. Visit in the cooler months.

Enjoy superb views of nearby Hinchinbrook Island.

Beware of marine stingers between October and May. Observe restrictions on collecting and fishing in the surrounding marine park waters.


Walk 1km through the woodlands and return along the western beach. Wear a hat and sunscreen.

Getting there

Goold Island is 17km north-east of Cardwell or 4∑5km north-west of Cape Richards, Hinchinbrook Island. Access is by private boat or ferry from Cardwell.

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