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Goomburra Forest Reserve

What's special?

Nestled in the scenic western foothills of the Great Dividing Range, Goomburra Forest Reserve protects open eucalypt forests and lush rainforests in the Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves Australia World Heritage Area.

The dry open forest contains New England blackbutt and manna gums. The distinctive manna gum, with its long ribbons of shedding bark, is at its northern limit here. The forest is an important refuge for wildlife.

Exploring Goomburra

Get away from it all in this beautiful forest. Enjoy the local wildlife. See platypus, koalas and echidnas. Go spotlighting at night. Look for feathertail gliders and mountain brushtail possums.

Picnic or camp on the grassy banks of Dalrymple Creek. Two camping areas are provided — Poplar Flat and Manna Gum. Both have toilets, drinking water and barbecues. Limited firewood is supplied. Bookings are required for all public holiday long weekends.

A small picnic area next to the Poplar Flat camping area has picnic tables, fireplaces and firewood.

Walk to the upper reaches of Dalrymple Creek along the Cascades or North Branch trails or walk to the base of Araucaria Falls along the Araucaria trail. Enjoy panoramic views eastwards over mountains and valleys from the Mt Castle and Sylvesters Lookouts.

Dogs on leashes are allowed in the picnic area, walking trails and Mt Castle Lookout track but not in the camping area.


Wear sturdy shoes and take drinking water when walking. Most walks have moderate to steep grades and require reasonable fitness.


Wheelchair-accessible toilets are provided in both camping areas. Wheelchair-assisted access is possible along the Dalrymple circuit.

Getting there

Goomburra Forest Reserve is 175km south-west of Brisbane. Turn off the Cunningham Highway just west of Cunningham’s Gap and follow Goomburra and Inverramsay Roads 35km to the forest. From the New England Highway south of Toowoomba, take the Inverramsay Road 40km to the forest. The last 6km is unsealed and may be impassable following heavy rain. The road to the lookouts may be closed after rain.

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