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Hawkesbury Sandstone

The Hawkesbury Sandstone of Anisian age, above the Narrabeen Group and below the Wianamatta Group, is a conspicuous rock unit in the Sydney region, exposures occurring in sea-cliffs and quarries throughout the suburban areas of Sydney. This unit that is typified by coarse sandstone and minor mudstone facies that are interbedded is believed to have been deposited in a fluvial environment. This has proven to be a rich source of microfossils such as spores and pollen, as well as plant debris and the remains of vertebrates and invertebrates. 

During the Middle Triassic it is believed a massive river delta existed that emptied off the eastern margin of the continent, the Hawkesbury Sandstone being deposited at times of peak flood and low-energy washout events within this river delta.

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Sources & Further reading

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