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Herberton Range State Forest and Forest Reserve

What's special?

Rainforest and open forest along the Herberton Range are protected in the Herberton Range State Forest and Forest Reserve in the Wet Tropics World Heritage Area.

The forestís upland rainforests are home to many unusual animals and plants including golden bowerbirds.

At 1107m, Mount Baldy provides panoramic views over Atherton and the tableland.

Exploring Herberton Range

Only experienced, fit walkers should attempt the walk to the summit of Mount Baldy. The walk is quite strenuous with steep sections and loose rock.

Walk or cycle through the forest along fire trails.

Dogs and camping are not allowed in the forest.


Walk or cycle along a 20km firebreak circuit or hike to the summit of Mt Baldy.
Wear sturdy walking shoes, a hat and sunscreen. Take drinking water.

Getting there

Herberton Range is just west of Atherton. From Atherton, go to the old Atherton Post Office on the road to Herberton, 1∑6km from the centre of town. Head 600m along Rifle Range Road to the start of the walking track.
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