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Hyden Rock                                  

Originally named Hyde's rock, after a sandalwooder of that name who camped there about 1920, its name was changed, for an unknown reason, when the name was documented by the government. Hyden Rock is one of many granite outcrops of the Yilgarn Craton, the surface area of which is called Yilgarnia. This part of the Yilgarn Craton has been dated to about 2700 million years old, much younger than the oldest parts which have been dated to 4404 +/- 8 million years. It is 55 m above the surrounding plain and has 3 elevations separated by shallow gullies. All of the elevations have wave formations, but not on the same scale or grandeur of Wave Rock.

Sources & Further reading

Hellen Grasswill & Reg Morrison, Australia, a Timeless Grandeur, Lansdowne, 1981

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