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Innamincka Regional Reserve

It is in the far northeast corner of South Australia, 100 km from Adelaide along the Strzelecki Track or 420 km from Birdsville via Cordillo Downs. It covers an area of 13,820 sq km. It can be reached from the eastern states via Tibooburra to the southeast and Thargomindah and Windorah in the northeast. The area of Innamincka is about as dry as it gets anywhere in the world, with an annual average rainfall of 172 mm and and annual average evaporation rate of 3600 mm.

Cooper Creek is the only source of water, when it floods, spreading out over extensive flood plains, wetlands, swamps and channels, and ephemeral and permanent lakes. All totally dependant on the floods of the Cooper for survival. If the recent push by the Queensland government to reactivate water licences on the Cooper is successful and they are used it would exterminate the wildlife in the area, but the human inhabitants as well. Just like the animals they would have to migrate or die.

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