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Jack Smith Scrub Conservation Park

What's special?

Jack Smith donated this small patch of softwood scrub in hilly country north-west of Murgon. Jack Smith Conservation Park preserves a valuable remnant of the once vast dry rainforests that have since been largely cleared for agriculture. The tall crow apple Owenia venosa emerges above the rainforest canopy. Other common trees in the dense vine thicket are python tree, leopard ash and thorny yellow wood.

Exploring Jack Smith Scrub

Have a picnic at the edge of the park overlooking the South Burnett Valley. On a clear day, you can see the Bunya Mountains to the south-west.

Go birdwatching. More than 40 species of birds have been seen in the park including the black-breasted button-quail which leaves circular depressions on the track as it spins around feeding on the forest floor. See brush-turkey mounds beside the walking track.

If you visit in spring, you will see the creamy flowers of the wonga vine which twists around the tree trunks.

Camping is not allowed in the park.


Explore the park along a short circuit track. Wear protective clothing to avoid being scratched by prickly shrubs.

Getting there

The park is just north-west of Murgon on Smiths Road. Head 5km west of Murgon along the Gayndah Road. Turn right at Tablelands Road and left at Smith Road. Jack Smith Scrub is 3km along this road on the right. Alternatively, head north out of Murgon along Gore Street which becomes Boat Mountain Road. Travel for 9km along Boat Mountain Road then turn left into Levers Road. Continue for 2km through the Tablelands Road intersection into Smiths Road and on to the park.

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Author: M. H. Monroe
Last updated: 04/01/2015
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