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Jourama Falls, Paluma Range National Park

What's special?

A picturesque waterfall on Waterview Creek, rainforest, dry vine forest and dry open forest are protected in this section of Paluma Range National Park in the foothills of the Seaview Range.

Rainforest grows high on the slopes and fringes the creek. Poplar gum, bloodwood, Moreton Bay ash and cocky apple trees are common in the open forest.

Exploring Jourama Falls

Jourama Falls is a delightful stopover for travellers and well worth a longer stay. Have a picnic or camp in the park. Picnic tables, toilets, gas barbecues and water are provided. Take a fuel stove for cooking. Campsite bookings are recommended for large groups.

Go birdwatching. Look for azure kingfishers, satin flycatchers, northern fantails and emerald doves around the creek and peaceful doves, kookaburras and honeyeaters in the forest.

At night, spotlight for sugar gliders and the endangered mahogany glider. Listen to the call of the southern boobook owl or large-tailed nightjar. See freshwater tortoises and goannas around the creek during the day.

Enjoy the view over the falls and forest from two lookouts along the walking track.


Walk 15km through open woodland to the Jourama Falls Lookout. The track starts 700m past the camping area. Be careful crossing the creek.


The toilets and shelter sheds are wheelchair-accessible.

Getting there

Jourama Falls is south of Ingham. Turn off the Bruce Highway 86km north of Townsville or 24km south of Ingham and drive 6km to the park. The park is accessible for conventional vehicles and caravans, except when the creek crossing is flooded.

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