Australia: The Land Where Time Began

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Kakadu National Park

Kakadu National Park is internationally known and a must see when visiting up north. There is a fantastic variety of landscapes, swarming with wildlife and you can view some of the best example of Australias Aboriginal rock art. The park is vast, 153 km by road from Darwin, and stretches more than 200km north to south and 100km east to west. It is on the World Heritage list both for its natural and cultural importance. Part of the park is Aboriginal land.

World heritage listed, Kakadu, Australia's largest national park,  lies 3 hours drive east of Darwin. It is a spectacular collection of woodlands, forests, waterways and floodplains overlooked by the magnificent Arnhem Land Escarpment.

It is home to 1000 species of plants, 30 mammals, 75 reptiles, 1500 butterflies and moths, 50 freshwater fish, and 25 frogs.


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