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Kalpowar State Forest

What's special?

In the foothills of the Burnett Range, Kalpowar State Forest protects a mosaic of forests. Patches of dense rainforest with towering hoop pines remain between open eucalpyt forests and hoop pine plantations. More than 150 plant species occur in the hoop pine rainforest which was first logged in 1918.

Fireclay Road got its name from local clay used to make bricks before the plantations were established here. The first hoop pine plantation of about 12 hectares was developed in 1934 and the last available area was planted in 1991.

Exploring Kalpowar

Go on the scenic Kalpowar Forest Drive. Starting at the intersection of Fireclay Road and the Gladstone-Monto Road, the 20km drive takes about 90 minutes. This unsealed road is accessible only in dry weather. Signs along the way provide an insight into the forest and the way it is managed.

Enjoy the view over the Kolan River catchment from Billís Window Lookout on the forest drive. See the remaining huts that once sheltered the Forestry workers while working on the plantation forests. Strangler figs and crows ash trees grow in the rainforest remnants.

Picnic or camp in a tranquil bush setting beside Crane Creek near the end of the forest drive. The open grassy campsites are suitable for families and large groups. Pay your fees at the self-registration station. Dogs are allowed overnight. Firewood is supplied. Boil the tank water for five minutes before drinking.

Getting there

Kalpowar is 37km north-east of Monto on the Monto-Gladstone Road and accessible by conventional vehicle. The gravel access road is unsuitable for towing caravans. Kalpowar can also be reached from the Bruce Highway and is 80km south-west of Gin Gin or 36km north-west of Gin Gin. The camping area is 3km from Kalpowar township.


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