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The Kanimblan Cycle¹

The age of the Kanimblan Cycle overlaps with that of the Hunter-Bowen Supercycle that was part of the New England Orogen. The beginning of the Kanimblan Cycle was limited rifting, granites and volcanics being formed in rifts that were small and narrow. A type in New South Wales and S and I-type in Victoria. Deposition soon replaced extension that was halted, continental sedimentary rocks forming a blanket of 3-4 km depth, that extended across 3 orogenic belts - The Delamerian Orogen, the Lachlan Orogen and the Thompson Orogen, as well as extension to a lesser extent the North Queensland Orogen. When deformation occurred in the Carboniferous post-tectonic granites from the Early Carboniferous were emplaced.

Sources & Further reading

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